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Foam Rolling and Myofascial Release

            Great workouts are often accompanied by tightness, soreness, and tension in the following days. Delayed onset muscle soreness is no stranger to those who spend time working out or playing their favorite sport. The benefits of foam rolling can help your recovery and get you back to doing your favorite things: whether that be sports, hiking or that can't-miss cardio class. The focused manual pressure of using a foam roller on your body can help to loosen up the fascia- the membrane that wraps and connects your muscles- thereby reducing tightness and relieving pain and tension. Recovery through self-massage is in your hands with a quick lesson on the benefits of foam rolling.


     Foam-rolling is for people of all levels of fitness. Once just thought to be for professional athletes, trainers and therapists, foam-rolling- or self-massage- can help to release muscle tightness or trigger points. By applying pressure to certain points on your body, you are able to aid in the recovery of your muscles and assist them in returning to normal function. When your muscles are functioning as they should, they will be elastic, healthy and ready to perform at a moment’s notice.


     Trigger points are best described as “knots” or points in your body that form in the muscles. When you apply pressure to one of these points, you can often feel pain radiating from this spot to other points in your body. Therefore, working through these knots will help to make your entire body feel better. It can be expected that when you work on foam rolling these points on your body, you will experience some discomfort. It can best be described as the sensation you experience when stretching- it should be slightly uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Self-massage through foam rolling allows you to work on these trouble points in a controlled manner; applying pressure to the trigger points, thereby releasing the fascia and bringing you relief and increased movement. By incorporating foam rolling into your routine you will better support your health and your future recovery. Whether that recovery is from a nagging injury or just from pushing yourself too far in your weightlifting regime, this is another strategy you can implement in your fitness journey.


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