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Superficial Heat- Moist Hot Pack

Most of our patients benefit from using heat to aid in their healing. When it comes to superficial heat we use moist hot packs which are made of clay that are heated in a hydrocollator filled with water which is set to a temperature between 158-167 degrees F. We must then cover the hot packs with several layers of towels so our patients feel the heat but do not get burned. The physiologic effects of heat are vasodilation, increased tissue temperature, increased metabolic rate, increased nerve conduction and decreased muscle spindle firing. Superficial heat can help manage pain, edema, muscle spasms and decreased range of motion due to tight tissues.


Cold Packs

During the acute stage of healing it is best to use cold modalities one of which is a cold pack. We use cold packs with post-surgical and acute injuries because they aid by causing vasoconstriction, decreasing tissue temperature, decreasing the metabolic rate, decreasing nerve conduction and decreasing the firing of the muscle spindle. Cold Packs are made of gel that are meant to be frozen to a temperature of 23 degrees F and laid within a think covering such as a pillow case. The impairments managed by cold packs are pain, decreased range of motion, post exercise micro-trauma, acute edema/inflammation and muscle spasms.


Depending on your specific needs and plan of care our therapists combine these thermal modalities with Electrical Stimulation and/or Cold laser to effectively and efficiently treat your conditions. At Miller Physical Therapy we use a team approach to physical therapy so that our patients’ well-being is always thoroughly discussed and the proper modalities and treatments are delivered.

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