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What You Need to Know About Your Health Insurance and Physical Therapy

Even for people who are proactive with their health, the ins and outs of their health insurance can be confusing. Many assume that because they often need a doctor’s referral to make an appointment with a specialist the same holds true for physical therapy. This is not the case – here’s one instance where navigating the maze of insurance requirements is simple. In fact, there’s no navigation required at all! In the state of Florida, you do not need a referral to see a physical therapist.


The amount of coverage your insurance provides, however, depends on your plan and whether or not you’ve met your deductible. We make it easy for our clients – we always provide benefit verification for new and potential patients.


We see patients who are referred by their doctor for chronic conditions and following an injury or surgery. We also do comprehensive initial evaluations on patients who come to us first, referring them to their general physician or to an orthopedist or another specialist if necessary. Communication is an important part of the process, and our team works closely with patients’ physicians to ensure a seamless road to recovery. If a referral is not necessary, we can start right away with a personalized treatment plan utilizing various physical therapy modalities, depending on the patient’s needs, physical condition, and goals.


Snowbirds swell the Floridian population every winter, and we have many patients who spend only part of the year here in the sunshine state. Physical therapists can accept out-of-state doctors’ prescriptions, allowing us to provide continuity of care for those who love to travel and must stay on top of their PT needs while away from home.


We also work with clients who prefer to self-pay (cash basis). Some patients enjoy the financial freedom to pay for whatever they need, whenever they need it, without any benefits-based restrictions. Some insurance plans place strict limitations on the number of visits or type of therapy allowed; self-pay eliminates limitations, and dealing directly with patients instead of through an insurance company simplifies the process immeasurably.


We’ve found that providing a complimentary consultation is the best way to help patients understand exactly what they need in terms of treatment, and how their health insurance benefits will meet those needs. If you or someone you love is dealing with chronic pain, the aftermath of an injury, or recovering from surgery, give us a call! We can take your health insurance information over the phone, verify your benefits, and get you back into pain-free living. You can contact us at (561) 278-6055 or Info@Miller-PT.com.

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