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What Can Physical Therapy Do For You?

Physical therapy is a specialized medical profession that provides treatment to restore patients’ normal physical function following surgery or an injury. It is also effectively used to treat chronic pain produced as a result of a variety of conditions. Physical therapists create personalized plans for patients, promoting the ability to move freely, to reduce pain, to restore normal function and to prevent disability.

Patients are often surprised at how quickly muscle and joint function can atrophy following an injury, or how difficult recovering (from even minor) surgery can be. The key to regaining functionality is commitment to a physical therapy routine – sometimes easier said than done, to be sure, but a critical necessity nonetheless. Physical therapists (PTs) provide the blueprint for success, creating unique plans to suit the needs of each patient. Treatment may include working with weights, manual therapy, laser therapy, exercise plans, stretching routines and patient education.

Another facet of physical therapy is the prevention of injuries or loss of mobility. PTs often work with athletes (we’re using the term loosely – it can mean anything from someone looking to start a fitness routine to get into shape, to a professional athlete or an Olympic sport competitor) in order to avoid injury by developing strengthening and conditioning routines. A strong, healthy body and knowledge of the body mechanics relating to a specific sport can make all the difference between success and sitting the season out with an injury.

Sometimes pain “sneaks up” on patients, becoming a chronic issue with no acute cause. PTs can help diagnose the trigger and provide therapy to address the issue and provide relief. Whether a patient’s physical limitations happen as the result of surgery, an injury, or a chronic condition, physical therapy is the key to recovery and reclaiming an active, functional life.

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