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Stress is no fun!

The Painful Truth About Stress


Physical therapy is often associated with those clients who have experienced a horrific physical trauma, like a car accident or an injury at work. While this very much is a part of our services and the rehabilitation process we bring to those we work with every day, it is essential to realize that the stresses your body undergoes do not necessarily just come from catastrophic physical traumas, alone. Physical therapy can also help you get back to “you” after experiencing intense stress or emotional trauma. Our bodies carry stress in a way that manifests in a physical way- causing pain, stiffness, malaise, and restrictions to our bodily movements. Therefore, we encourage you to pay attention to the signals your body is giving you in terms of carrying around stress for prolonged periods of time; and allow us to help you relieve it and assist you in getting back to functioning at your highest possible levels.


         Most often, pain and discomfort associated with stress are experienced in the neck and back. As such, we offer a variety of supports and services to help you diminish this pain and increase your mobility and ultimately your ability to attack each day feeling your strongest and most capable. We provide one-on-one training that many clients find helps to work out the feelings associated with stress- stiffness, soreness and a restricted range of motion. One-on-one training provides you with the direct physical support and education in how to best strengthen your body and muscle groups to combat the discomfort associated with prolonged stress. Additionally, one-on-one training provides a level of emotional comfort as you have the guidance and support of a trained professional in the field, providing the insight and knowledge needed to bring you the best possible results.


         One-on-one training is but one option of support we can provide to help bring you back to yourself. While we provide programs for pain management and lumbar support to target problem areas, we also offer holistic wellness programs. Knowing that nothing happens within your body and mind inside of a vacuum- and therefore, acknowledging the interconnectedness of our bodies- our holistic programs address your body as one functioning unit which allows us to focus on how to train, support and plan for the programming that will best address your body’s needs as a whole. With this approach, we can develop a plan that implements the many resources we have available to best support you in your journey of recovery. By combining time-tested traditions and cutting-edge technology, we can provide you with unsurpassed knowledge and equipment to help bring vitality and movement back to your life.


Do not ignore the signs of stress! Stress can have an impactful and long-lasting effect on your mind and body. Physical therapy and the support of a physical therapist can go a long way in alleviating your discomfort and giving you back the movement and range of motion you are accustomed to!

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Want Some Help?