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Physical Therapy AND a Workout!



The end of summer may mean kissing goodbye a relaxed routine with the kids,

but let’s be real – it’s always great to get back into school with a set schedule and

enjoy the luxury of more time to focus on yourself and your health!  Many people

get so busy enjoying everything summer has to offer (vacations, summer camp,

visits to and from friends and family) that their healthy habits tend to fall by

the wayside. 

We’re big believers in healthy living as a life-long habit, especially the importance of staying fit and active, no matter what your age or athletic abilities. 

For physical therapy patients - whether you’re recovering from surgery or from an injury, incorporating a fitness routine (once you’ve recovered enough to participate safely) brings several benefits.  A strong, active body makes everything easier and more effective, is a positive influence on mental health, and will ensure you maximize your physical therapy.

We have a great resource for our patients right next door - one of the premiere

gyms in Palm Beach County, Palm Beach Gym and Fitness Center.  We’ve

established relationships with the staff and personal trainers.  Once you’re on

your way to recovery you can supplement your physical therapy sessions with

workouts at the gym, supervised by trainers who know your health history and

rehab routine. That means you can get stronger, fitter and healthier as your body

gets back to “before,” whether you had an injury or surgery. 

     Miller patients get a discount on a gym membership.  And since we’re right next door, we can always pop in with you if you’re a little nervous about getting back into a workout routine.  

We take your full recovery to pain-free living seriously, and are proud to partner

with Palm Beach Gym and Fitness Center in order to offer you the best physical

therapy experience and more!

The Miller PT Team

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