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Wave Goodbye to Daily Discomforts


How long have you been living with a stiff neck, brought on by being in front of your computer screen all day? Have aching wrists, and sore finger joints become so much a part of your every day, that you have just tried to live with it?

Physical therapy is not just for athletes or those recovering from a major accident or surgery.

Physical therapy is very much about everyday health and wellness! PT can help to alleviate those aches and pains brought on by real life! You know, the discomforts and tensions that your day-to-day brings to your body: lower back pain from pregnancy, stiffness from your office job, or tightness from your exercise routine- we’ve got your back (and neck, and joints, and muscles!) covered! You don’t have to be a Crossfit champion to benefit from physical therapy! Incorporating PT into your regime will benefit your total health and wellness!


            The ways in which a physical therapist can assist and treat you are boundless!

           From manual therapy to incorporating cutting edge technology and modalities, our team specializes in treating over-use injuries (re: picking up your 2-year-old all day!) and pain brought on by ergonomically incorrect workspaces (re: sitting hunched over your keyboard 40 hours a week!) Physical therapy is not only reserved for those recovering from hip replacement surgery- truly, the one-on-one work your PT can provide you with will help to resolve those aches and pain brought on by living life! Family and work are major components of our lives- and sometimes it is those things that also cause our bodies discomfort. Physical therapy can help to treat those discomforts and bring range of motion back into your life!


            Once you have made the decision to no longer live with discomfort brought on by your daily life, we make access to your treatment as easy as possible! We work with you to easily negotiate your insurance provider and make a courtesy call to your insurance company to verify your coverage and deductible. However, no insurance is no problem! We have a self-pay program to allow access to treatment to everyone who needs it! Our competitive rates make physical therapy accessible and obtainable! Do you have a nagging issue you want to finally get resolved? We can help you with that! We often have same day appointments that are certain to meet your schedule!



Not only Crossfit athletes need to apply!

Physical therapy is for everyone! Whatever pain and discomfort your daily routine has saddled you with, we can make you feel better. Our one-on-one treatments and course of action are tailored specifically to your needs. Visit our Facebook page at
or give us a call at 561.278.6055 to see how we can help rid you of those daily discomforts.

Want Some Help?