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No Prescription Required: Physical Therapy for Florida Patients

Did you know you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to see a physical therapist? In the state of Florida this has been true for over 20 years. We see both individuals who call us first when suffering from aches and injuries, as well as those who are recommended to see us by their own personal doctor. We regularly work with physicians on updates and reports of progress as they and our patients desire. Good communication is key to healing!

Miller Physical Therapy offers an unparalleled diversity of services to accommodate every kind of patient: from professional athletes to senior citizens, from preteens to weekend warriors.

We understand that for every body type and injury type there’s a special combination of treatments we can provide to do our part in the recovery process, working in concert with a patient’s surgeon, physician, personal trainer, or coach. We individually personalize your care to address all varieties of injury, no matter if the impairment is a result of a chronic condition like tendonitis or bursitis; a consequence of surgical treatment; or the product of a sports injury or traumatic accident.

If you do need to see us by advice of your own doctor, Physical Therapists can also now accept out-of-state doctor’s prescriptions. Florida has a large population of “snowbirds,” of course, who live out of state but spend winters here. They are a large part of our practice! Continuity of our care while they’re enjoying the warm weather and sunshine throughout the winter season is paramount! When you have an ongoing therapy need, staying on track whether you’re at home or on a long-term vacation is a must!

Some people are not even aware that they can head straight to a physical therapist without seeing their doctor first. Obviously a major injury or need for surgery are situations which require a doctor’s care. Many situations, however, (chronic aches and pains, a sprain, or a work-related repetitive-use issue, for instance) are appropriate to be evaluated and addressed by our licensed, experienced physical therapists.

Not sure whether or not you can benefit from physical therapy? Give us a call. We offer complimentary consultations, and we’ll answer all of your questions about a treatment plan and insurance coverage.

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