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New Year, New Food


In the third and final installment of our health and wellness series of blogs focusing on the new you in 2020, we focus on nutrition. Now that the holiday festivities are behind us- as well as the temptation to eat too much food that is too rich for us- it is time to recalibrate your diet to help fuel your body in a healthy and efficient way. Good nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life; you can improve your health by eating a balanced diet. While the “in” meal plans may work for some folks, they are not the only way for you to improve your health and wellness. Can’t make sense of keto, Atkins, paleo, plant-based or gluten-free? Not to worry, we offer some general nutrition tips to help you get the nutrients you need to become the healthiest version of yourself.


 Good nutrition is about eating smart while still enjoying your food! There is no need for excessive limitations or denying yourself your favorite foods. The cornerstone for a great meal plan is to replace processed foods with real food whenever possible. Eating food that is as close to the way nature intended it is one of the best ways for you to make a noticeable difference in the way you look, feel and think.  The best way to shift your mentality when it comes to re-jigging your eating habits is that it does not need to be all or nothing. In fact, going to extremes will most likely increase your chances of “cheating” on your healthy eating plan, which will, in turn, lead to frustrations. Small, manageable steps are your best way to start eating healthier this year. For example, adding a salad to your meals once a day. Eventually, your small changes will become a habit and it will become increasingly easier to make healthy choices.



You can picture your daily intake of food as a pyramid. The foods that are at the base of your pyramid are the ones you should be eating the most of. The higher up the pyramid you go, the less of those items you should eat (if at all). So where do your favorite foods land on the pyramid? Whole-grain foods should be eaten at most meals (NOT white bread, white rice or white pasta!), you can eat vegetables in abundance and nuts and fruit can be eaten 1-3 times a day. Moving up the pyramid, fish, poultry, and milk should be eaten 1-2 times a day and the top of the pyramid is occupied by red meat, sugars, and white bread.  We often hear that fat is bad, but that’s not always the case! Healthy fats are good for your brain and should be eaten daily. Consider things such as plant-based oils (olive, canola) and foods like avocados to get those good fats that your body needs. If you're plant-based, pescatarian, or vegetarian - we can help you with alternate suggestions that keep your protein in-line for your body's needs too!


It’s a new year and a new you! To set yourself up for success this year, keep things simple! Think of choosing foods that are fresh, colorful, and are of a wide variety. Try to move away from processed and prepackaged foods and choose fresh, whole foods whenever possible.

Are you ready to move towards a healthier version of yourself in 2020? We can help! We understand the ways to best support you so you can become a more active, mindful and well-balanced person! Call our offices and book an appointment with our nutritionist who can make sure you have a strong plan to meet your goals!

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