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Myofascial Release for Recovery

The Role of Myofascial Release in your Recovery


The things the human body is capable of our outstanding. The demands we put our muscles and joints through in a day or a week are significant, and we often expect our body to be able to respond to the strains that we put it through when we want it to perform. However, like any machine, your body needs regular maintenance to keep it operating at peak levels. Over time, restrictions and tensions within your body can develop, hindering movement and causing pain or discomfort. As such, therapy is a vital tool to help you feel your best. Whether it’s a regular part of your training regime, or necessary to help you bounce back from an injury or accident, myofascial release may be a key component required to help you feel your best and to help your body perform at its optimal capacity.


            Fascia is your body’s connective tissue. It is throughout your body and is a system of interwoven fibrous connective tissue. The fascia provides a protective barrier between the skin and the deeper soft tissues of the body. Fascia that is at its healthiest is essential in ensuring that the other working systems within your body are also functioning as well as they possibly can be. As such, care and attention to maintain a healthy system for your fascia is crucial to your overall movement and well being.

The fascia is essential to our body’s ability to help us perform daily functioning activities: from sitting to standing to more complex movements like running and jumping. When your fascia is damaged or distorted it affects your body physically. This may look like poor blood flow, limited flexibility and range of motion as well as a list of other physical ailments; so much pain and discomfort is caused by distorted fascia. A system of our body that has such a large impact on our wellbeing needs more attention. As a result, we will be able to help keep our bodies feeling great through myofascial release.


            Myofascial release consists of applying gentle pressure to affected areas as well as using sustained low load stretches to encourage release and movement. The progress and success of myofascial release are determined by the change in the increase of range of motion as well as the overall decrease of pain felt by the patient. Sessions can be conducted daily or several times a week or month- depending on the needs of the individual. Treatments may last weeks or months, depending on the nature of the disability the patient is experiencing. Myofascial therapy can assist your current physical therapy or training routine and can help you prepare for future programs to strengthen your body. Once flexibility and movement are improved, patients can return to normalized levels of functioning for their lifestyle.


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