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Don’t Risk Your Recovery – Leave it to the Professionals

Don’t Risk Your Recovery – Leave it to the Professionals

We pride ourselves on providing our clients the best physical therapy care and rehabilitation services.  Every one of our team members offers an amazing balance of education and experience, and we love to hear, “You guys are the best!”  So we are very excited to announce the addition of our newest member of the team, physical therapy assistant Christopher Pope.

Christopher comes to Miller Physical Therapy by way of Germany (yes, he’s fluent!) with a bachelor’s degree from FAU, personal training certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and finally an Associate Degree, Physical Therapist Assistant, from South University.  Along the way he acquired experience in the personal fitness industry and in physical therapy, giving him a well-rounded perspective that serves his patients well.  Christopher is particularly interested in orthopedic and neuro/psychomotor rehabilitation, improving function, reducing symptoms, and improving the overall well-being of his patients.  His experience, enthusiasm, friendly demeanor and passion for providing clients with an effective, positive physical therapy experience have made him a great addition. 

        Welcome, Christopher!

With amazing PTA’s like Christopher, why would you choose to try to recover from an injury or surgery on your own?  Physical therapy professionals have spent years studying everything from anatomy to body mechanics to pain management.  

At Miller we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve with the latest technology and techniques.  With our guidance and hands-on care, patients recover more quickly and much more successfully than those who just try to “ease back in” to their usual routine.  We work with many different insurance companies, but can also work with out-of-network patients or those with no insurance coverage.

Your initial consultation is complimentary, so why wait? 

Call us today and get started back on the road to full mobility and pain-free living! 

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