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Kick Off the New Year Healthier and Happier With Pain-Free Living

2016 is within sight, and we want to encourage you to look ahead to a healthier, more active

lifestyle, whether you’re currently active or not.

There’s always room for improvement and when it comes to your quality of life there’s no reason not to aim high! We see many clients who are recovering from surgery or an injury (or surgery following an injury) but even if you don’t fall into those categories your lifestyle can improve.

Chronic pain is at the top of the list for adverse impact on quality of life. For many people, living

with chronic pain becomes their new norm, an ever-present fact of life that they eventually

adapt to by limiting exercise, activities, and the fun experiences they once took for granted. Our

patients have often given up on “life as usual” and are surprised at the positive changes a

physical therapy routine can have. Even if the underlying issue can’t be cured there are things

we can do to alleviate pain. An evaluation of body mechanics is a great place to start,

highlighting areas where simple basics such as stretching, strengthening and enhanced range-

of-motion can make a big difference. A lot of times patients aren’t aware that their posture, the

way they move, and even the way they do simple daily activities can have such an adverse

effect on their health and mobility.

That’s just one more reason a professional evaluation is so critical!

Maybe you’re fortunate enough not to have chronic pain holding you back. Perhaps it’s limited

range-of-motion from a previous injury, or minor aches and pains you seem to deal with every

time you try to start a fitness routine. Again, an overall evaluation of your health history and

body mechanics will give us the background we need to design a routine that will bring you up

to speed and ready to take the next step in physical fitness – plus we’ll guide you into fitness

activities appropriate to your limitations and abilities. No matter where you start, there’s an

activity (or activities!) you’ll love, perfectly suited to your current level of fitness.


In addition to a consultation and physical therapy routine designed specifically for you, a huge

benefit of working with us is the relationship we have with the Palm Beach Gym and Fitness

Center, located next to our state-of-the-art facility. We can walk right next door, meet with a

trainer and design an exercise routine that addresses your challenges and strengths. Our clients

say the peace of mind that comes with a physical therapist-designed routine overseen by a

professional trainer is HUGE!  

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Make 2016 the year you took charge of your health, started – or bumped up a notch – your

fitness routine and tackled the chronic pain that’s limited you for too long.

Let’s get started on your pain-free New Year! (561) 278- 6055.

Your initial consultation is complimentary, so why wait? 

Call us today and get started back on the road to full mobility and pain-free living! 

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