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Injury-Free Fitness

Starting Your Fitness Routine Injury-Free

A lot of our clients are athletes – some are weekend warriors, some play on school or collegiate teams, and some are pros.  No matter what their age, experience or skill level, they all have one thing in common:  at some point, they were all beginners. 

Starting a new sport or fitness routine can be
intimidating, especially for someone who hasn’t had a lot of sports experience.  It’s critical to choose the right activity to begin with, and equally important to get a professional evaluation of your abilities before you start. 

Nothing’s more deflating than getting all pumped up to get into shape and then ending up sidelined due to an injury your first week out.

At Miller Physical Therapy we can help you get started on the right foot.  We’ll take a look at your health history and assess your physical abilities.  Then we’ll work with you on a conditioning, stretching and strength routine that will reduce your risk of injury and set you up for success. 

And one more thing to remember; you need to allow time for your body to recover. 

Enthusiasm is great, but your muscles and joints need time to rest.  Sore, overused muscles are more likely to set you up for an accident or injury than when they’ve had time to recover.  

If you do have issues, don’t hesitate to call us!  If we can get to work with you right away the healing process will begin and we’ll help you avoid further injury and pain. 

Make Miller Physical Therapy your go-to resource and we’ll have you moving just like those pros in no time.  The professional athlete’s salary you’d like to go with it? 

You’re on your own for that one…but you'd better believe we’ll be cheering you on!

The Miller Physical Therapy Team

Miller Physical Therapy is committed to providing its patients with the professionalism, kindness, and encouragement they deserve as they make their way towards full recovery. 

Make contact with us to learn more about a program custom-designed to your needs.  Each body and every injury is unique.  Your physical therapy program should be no exception.  We look forward to playing our part as you reach your goal of physical wellness.

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