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Improve Your Health with Direct Access to Physical Therapy

            Direct access is exactly what it sounds like: patients can directly access the services of a physical therapist without the need to get a prescription from a physician. Direct access allows for an open market, enabling patients to seek out and receive services that can help to support their return to the things they love.

The American Physical Therapy Association states that with direct access, patients are able to receive an evaluation and some forms of treatment without first having to go to a physician. This removes barriers to health care, allowing patients to immediately access treatment, and begin addressing the issues that are preventing them from functioning to their full physical potential.

            Direct access does have limitations to the number of services a patient can receive without physician referral, and the restrictions vary from state to state. In Florida, patients are able to see physical therapists for a condition not previously assessed by a physician for 30 days of continued treatments. If the treatment required extends beyond the 30 days, a prescription from a physician will be required. If the scope of treatment required extends beyond the services provided by a PT, additional physician referral may be necessary.

            In addition to being able to provide you with immediate treatment with direct access, our all-inclusive services, and knowledgeable staff are also able to provide you with treatments and services within the scope of your insurance plan. Most commercial insurance plans will reimburse for services provided without the referral of a physician. At Miller PT, our superior service includes verifying insurance coverage and we are quickly able to confirm if a patient can be seen without the prescription of their physician, for how many visits, and if there is a per-visit contribution the client is responsible for. This allows you to receive the treatment you need while eliminating the stresses of unexpected costs.

Direct access eliminates barriers and allows for patients to receive the treatment they require without obstruction. With less financial burden, less adjunctive testing and fewer prescribed medicines, direct access changes the way patients can manage their health and well-being by improving efficacy and providing a cost-effective alternative.

To learn more about direct access or the services we provide, visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/millerphysicaltherapydelraybeach or give us a call at 561.278.6055.


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