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“Girls’ Weekend” is the stereotype, but I can tell you us guys have just as much fun on our getaways, and they’re just as critical to a healthy, happy, balanced life for men as they are for women." :)

I recently spent time in Vail, Colorado for a skiing getaway with some buddies. Each of

us came with our own load of the stresses of everyday life – work, career, family, and the daily

grind, just to name a few. But even just a short time away from the regular routine gave us all a

chance to decompress and return home with a fresh perspective and energy. I highly

recommend it!

     One thing to keep in mind specifically for winter getaways is the risk of injury. It’s easy to

overdo things when you’re eager to jump right into having fun – you want to make the most of

your time and investment, after all. (Think of the guy yelling, “Cowabunga!” as he barrels down

the slope.) It also gets dicey when you’re trying something new or even engaging in a sport

you’re familiar with, but haven’t actually participated in for a year or more.

     Your best bet for avoiding injury starts before you even leave home! A strengthening and stretching

routine tailored for you and the activity you’re looking forward to will prepare your body and give you

an edge when it comes to skiing, skating, snowboarding, snowshoeing…you name it!

Poor body mechanics, chronic pain and old injuries can also set you up for a winter vacation

that ends abruptly. These are also conditions that can be improved with a proactive fitness

routine. In fact, a conditioning routine enhances healthy living year-round and is especially

important for people with physical challenges. Creating personalized conditioning routines for

clients is just one of our services. Are you looking to get away this winter? It’s not too late to

prepare your body to shred those slopes safely!

     We offer complimentary consultations – give us a call and let’s get started! 561-278-6055

Call us today and get started back on the road to full mobility and pain-free living! 

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