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Thanks and Gratitude Go Hand-in-Hand with Good Health


                Fall is evident all around us, from the increased traffic, (somewhat!) cooler temperatures in the air to pumpkin spice everywhere;  it’s one of the loveliest times of the year! Something else that autumn and the change of seasons brings with it is one of our favorite holidays- Thanksgiving! With this family-oriented holiday just around the corner (and has already happened for our neighbors to the North, in Canada), we thought it important to emphasize how practicing gratitude and thanks is beneficial to your health all year long, not just during festivities that celebrate it.


                Research shows that giving thanks and practicing gratitude adds years to your life. Dr. Robert Emmons from the University of California states that “Health and wholeness, wellness and fullness result from the systematic practice of grateful living.”By affirming what is good in your life, you are literally recharging and rejuvenating yourself and noticing all that is good and positive in your life. And while Thanksgiving literally means, “giving thanks”, it becomes apparent how the word itself is an action word that incites us to actually practice gratitude. While you gather around the table with friends and family over the next few weeks, it would be beneficial to all to share a couple of thoughts about what you appreciated most over the last year. By naming your blessings you are actually bringing yourself from living in a self-centered world to one where you acknowledge how the people and circumstances around you have benefitted your life. The effects of this have shown that patients that have asymptomatic heart failure were able to improve their biomarkers related to heart failure morbidity. So aside from helping you to connect to and appreciate those around you on a spiritual level, it also has tangible physical effects on your health.


                However, you do not have to wait for the holidays to practice gratitude!

This is a practice that you can participate in all year long!

These are some of our favorite ways to demonstrate gratitude:


·         Make a List:

List all of the things you are grateful for- these, in fact, may be some things that you normally would take FOR granted. This helps you to acknowledge all you have been blessed with.

·         Give Something Away:

When we give it helps us to better understand what it means to receive. It also allows you the opportunity to bring happiness to others.

·         Identify Non-Grateful Thoughts:

You know, those times when you feel like you deserve more, or wish something turned out differently. Instead, reframe your thinking and practice using the language of thankfulness.


Your overall health and wellness is our top priority! There are so many components to living your best life, and we want to help you get there! While practicing gratitude is one way, so is physical therapy! You do not need to be a high-level athlete to benefit from physical therapy- it’s for everybody!

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