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Electrical Stimulation: Supporting Traditional Therapies

   The human body is capable of amazing things. At times, the stresses we put our bodies under can cause injuries or restricted range of motion through things like repetitive stress, sports-related injuries or general wear and tear. As such it is helpful to know the options and therapies that are available to you to help you recover to your strong and able self. We combine traditional treatments with cutting-edge technology to allow you the most innovative and efficient options to support your recovery and achieve your fitness goals.  

  Electrical stimulation involves our therapists putting electrodes on the patient’s skin. With mild electric stimulation, the muscles will gently contract, simulating the same movements and contractions the muscle groups would experience during a workout. Electrical stimulation allows the patient to maintain muscle tone and strength that may otherwise be compromised due to injury and subsequent lack of use. Electrical stimulation works by mimicking the natural way the body moves muscle. Combined and supported by traditional therapy, electric stimulation can help to prevent muscle atrophy and build strength in patients with injuries that prevent them from working out.


  There are different ways in which a PT can use electrical stimulation to support your recovery and fitness goals. It can be used to reduce pain and swelling around joints or it can be used on soft tissue or connective tissue to help support manual tissue techniques.

Additionally, it can be used to help a muscle strengthen or finally, electrical stimulation can help to decrease pain, swelling or assist in wound healing. Coupled with other therapies, your PT may feel that depending on your recovery, your injury, and your future goals, electrical stimulation is a helpful tool in aiding your body to achieve its optimal state of well-being.


Each therapeutic program we develop for our patients is tailored to their individual needs. The services and methods we offer are wide-ranging and diverse and can be used individually or in conjunction with other methods to provide you the best program for your recovery. Our goal is to get you back to your known level of strength and movement and helping to support your quest to live a mobile and pain-free lifestyle.

Miller PT has the only THERMOSTIM in South Florida that we are aware of!

ThermoStim combines the therapeutic benefits of heat or cold therapy with TENS (electrical stimulation) and deep tissue massage to alleviate fascial and muscular discomfort, delivering superior treatment outcomes, enhancing patient comfort, and reducing treatment times. You're going to want to experience this with your healing and recovery as soon as possible.

Experiencing pain, discomfort or restricted range of motion? We can help! Our physical therapists are trained to provide you with personalized, one-on-one programming to allow you to continue doing what you love!

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