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Athletes and PT

Here we are again!

The CrossFit Games Season 2015 has begun!

The Open began in February, and like clockwork, the phone started ringing a week later - when adrenaline, over-training, and athletes possibly repeating moves they haven't trained for are performed in earnest. The result: the perfect breeding ground for injuries.

As in previous years, the Crossfit Open is a five-week competition with one new workout per week. The week’s workout is released each Thursday at 5 p.m. PT, and competitors will have four days to complete the workout and log their score on the Games site. Score submissions are due before 5 p.m. PT on the Monday following the workout’s release.

CrossFit is uber cool in this regard: anyone can take a stab at making it to the finals, competing (virtually) alongside the best of the best, comparing times with your Box-mates, and of course, against yourself.

You don't know what workout is coming - it could be anything! From walking on your hands, rope climbs, deadlifting, pull-ups or rowing. The mystery is, I think, part of the tsunami adrenaline rush.

Having treated quite a few CrossFit athletes (See CrossFit HardCore Champs of 2014 in the image below) - as well as other professional athletes I've learned a few things about serious athletes.

1) Athletes come to Physical Therapy and other rehab programs to return to their sport. Want to lose a client in physical therapy? There's no faster way than to tell your Crossfitter that what they are doing is inherently dangerous. Even though we at Miller PT don't believe this, that can be the stigma. Crossfit done with great attention to form, modification where necessary, well rounded training and regular PT makes for superior athletes with longevity in their career. Besides, our main focus at Miller PT is not to talk you down - but get you back into the game - whatever sport you're enjoying or age you are - giving you the most tools and resources for health and well-being.

2) Serious athletes such as Crossfitters engage in their sports with passion and determination. They often heal well because they attack their healing regime with the same seriousness and dedication. Crossfitters and other athletes are used to cross-training. I mean, crossfitters use bars, kettlebells, boxes and ropes often all in the same workout! Other athletes now know a barrage of excercises is what keeps them fittest for the sport they most enjoy. This means that we can throw a lot of variance at serious athletes in their recovery and healing, and it doesn't faze them.  

3) When we start working on these athletes it becomes so obvious how important physical therapy can be. We are quickly able to, not only assess and assist with the cause the athlete has come in for, but the additional issues the athlete has not been paying attention to down the kinetic chain. We can help with screening for additional or growing injuries and educating our patients about the body and proper biomechanics while they are training. We are about preventing injury as much as healing it - and for an athlete that is crucial.

If you're an athlete - whether a weekend warrior or a professional - we would love to assist you in your quest to be pain and injury free. Give us a call.

Keep pushing to stay healthy -

Scott & the Miller PT Team




To learn more about The CrossFit Games you can go to: http://games.crossfit.com

To learn more about excellent CrossFit programs in the South Florida area contact: Info@MillerPT.com

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