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"I first rehabbed under the guidance of Scott after undergoing shoulder surgery.  I am very lucky to have had him in my corner.  After going through therapy with Scott I got back to the game of beach volleyball and was stronger than ever.  

It is hard to find people you trust and as an athlete, I fully trust Scott and Miller PT.  

I recently had what could have been a career ending injury, a ruptured achilles tendon.  Miller PT was key to my successful recovery.  Even though the road was a long one, Scott helped me to attain my goal of getting back on the court.  

Scott and Miller PT are definitely part of my GOLD MEDAL Team!."

Misty May-Treanor
Professional Volleyball Player
Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist

Garrett's first pro fight came after just two years of sporadic training in 2011 against a stand out. Garrett was victorious by TKO at 40 seconds of Round 1. He never looked back. Under adversary and challenge,

Garrett is climbing his way to the UFC.

"I've been rehabbing with the Miller PT Team after undergoing shoulder surgery.  I am very lucky to have had Scott and his Team and their guidance and support. It's a scary thing when you're whole livelihood is in jeopardy, but I was able to trust in their skills to get me back to fighting form. Which they have done, brilliantly.

I have a major fight coming up in two weeks. Never would I have thought that possible. Thank you so much to Scott Miller and his great staff."

Garrett Gross
Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

"After struggling for over a year as a triathlete with shin splints I found Miller PT and within a few months not only had they cured the shin splints but developed a plan that we added to my weekly training to prevent this type of injury in the future. 

Miller PT also helped me recover from a shoulder injury due to a bike accident.  The rehab and training plan helped me regained movement and strength in my shoulder so that I could go on to finish  third place overall in the female division for the year.

Not only does Miller PT help you recover from various injuries but they develop client specific core training and preventative plans to prevent future injuries.  Their equipment and direct connection to a gym allows you to get one on one support as needed."  Thanks so much for all of your help!

Wendy Barhydt 
Competitive Triathlete

"The bad news is that I was diagnosed with MS about five years ago.  The good news is that I was fortunate enough to connect with Scott, and have been working with him ever since.  His patience and caring is only overshadowed by his knowledge and expertise.  I am sure that I wouldn't be functioning as well as I am today if it were not for Scott.  For that I will be forever grateful and thankful to him.  He is truly an extraordinary Physical Therapist as well as my hero!"       

- Judie Ruback 

"I began working with Scott last January. Our goal at that time was to relieve the pain I was feeling from Plantar Fasciitis.  After working with me for a few months I was essentially pain free.  I later developed inflammation or the left Rotator Cuff and now, thanks to Scott, improving daily.  Not only is Scott a great therapist, he is also totally devoted to each and every patient in his care."

 - Sandy Ruback

"After Shoulder Surgery, Scott was a vital part of my  rehabilitation and helped me return to 100% playing capacity. Due to the hands-on treatment, exercises and body conditioning, I am now able to use my shoulder without any limitations or pain."

Eric Wilson
Professional Football Player
Former Miami Dolphin

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